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Auntie Lynn's 2009
Christmas Wish Slippah Project
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ChipIn is the preferred donation vehicle, but if you wish, checks can be
mailed to:

The Slippah Foundation
1689 Piikea St.
Honolulu 96818

Make check payable to:
The Slippah Foundation

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Here is our 2008 page so you can see how we did last year!


Scott Hawaii
Mahalo Scott Hawaii!

What's this all about?

Aloha all,

Most of the folks who come here know about the legendary Auntie Pupule, Lynn Vasquez, and how the Slippah Project got started. If you aren't familiar, it all began in 2005, when Lynn posted on the Hawai'i Threads bulletin board that her Christmas wish would be to give simple rubber slippers to the less-fortunate kids of Mayor Wright Housing in Honolulu, where she lived. The denizens of HT immediately jumped on the idea and donated money, slippers, food, candy, toys and clothes to make the wish come true.

I wrote an article telling the whole story of how this began for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin which appeared as the Christmas 2005 cover story. You can read that article here: Christmas wish fulfilled 11/28/2009: Star-Bulletin: Holiday project by 'Auntie' puts slippers on the feet of needy keiki

All these years, it has been an ad-hoc organization, which is to say, just Lynn and me, collecting money and with volunteers and friends delivering Christmas gifts to kids in ever-widening areas in Hawai'i, every year.

--Blaine, Nov. 26, 2009 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

The Slippah Foundation

On Nov. 30, 2009, with the help of another legendary local woman, Kehaulani Watson, we officially became The Slippah Foundation, a genuine, Hawai'i 501c3 nonprofit corporation! The board consists of Lynn, Kehau and me. You can now make your checks to The Slippah Foundation. I am in the process of setting up the PayPal account to go directly to the Slippah Foundation account.

--Blaine, Nov. 30, 2009 (It's OFFICIAL!)

Slippah Project Takes Next Step

Yesterday we became official; today Ryan Ozawa blogs about us! Mahalo Ryan! What a heady week, and it's only just begun!

--Blaine, Dec. 1, 2009

Jan. 5, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!

Slippah truck 2008

Dang! I dunno wea to start. It's been so long.

Let it flow Lynn, let it flow.

The Slippah Project. And I've been writing about it's progress on where it all began.

I still have a few deliveries to make and then it will be pau.

I never imagined we would be able to service the amount of Agencies, Public Housings and People of Hawaii this year. It was my ten year goal. But God had other plans. Yep! He shua did. I remember each person and child. Rain or shine we delivered. Our mission was accomplished because we all wanted to share the Magic of Christmas. Dreams and Wishes comes true; you just gotta believe.

Read the rest of this post here.


Mahalo to Royal Hawaiian Movers!
Donation boxes will be located in many RHM offices.

Mahalo to Marissa and Dean of Oahu Express Ltd.
Flat bed truck for transporting slippahs to Waianae Coast
& shipping slippahs to Kaua'i, Maui, Hawai'i.

Mahalo to PortaBox!

Mahalo to Intercontinental Distributors!

Mahalo Scott Mullen,

Hawai'i Criminal Justice Center

Marcus Shimomi, Hawaii Footwear Promotions

Lorraine. M Taki, Intco Investments Co.

Zori Zori Inc., Locals Footwear



12/25/2005: Star-Bulletin - Christmas wish fulfilled

11/14/2007: Star-Bulletin - Progress measured in feet

11/5/2008: Star-Bulletin - Slipper drive hopes to get 3,000 pairs for kids' feet


12/21/08: Kaua'i World - Working to measure holidays in ‘feet’

12/24/08: MidWeek - In Iraq for the Holidays

11/28/2009: Star-Bulletin: Holiday project by 'Auntie' puts slippers on the feet of needy keiki


Here we go for 2009! And the first donation comes from:

  • MarkFromHawaii, Pearl City- 11/21
  • Larry HappinessU, Hilo- 11/21
  • D'Alani, Palama - 11/23
  • Ligaya H., Waipahu - 11/23
  • Andree Chicha, Bellevue, WA - 11/25
  • Nicholas Petti, Bothell, WA - 11/25
  • Joy Jackson, Seattle, WA - 11/25
  • Lianne Kitajima, Oceanit - 11/25
  • Jonnie Santos, San Diego, CA - 11/25
  • Russ Hayes, Vashon, WA - 11/26
  • Filomena Tomei, Vancouver, B.C. - 11/26
  • Su Tucker, Hilo - 11/27
  • Pulusila Kapisi, Liliha - 11/27
  • Karl Rhoads, Kalihi - 11/27
  • John Oshiro, Manhattan Beach, CA - 11/28
  • Maria Smith, Brentwood, CA - 11/29
  • SurfingFarmboy, Bristol, RI - 11/30
  • Daniel O'Dell, Woodinville, WA - 11/30
  • Leo Lakio & Lady Lori, Seattle, WA - 12/1
  • Annajean Ray, Kailua - 12/2
  • Liko Puha, Santa Rosa, CA - 12/3
  • N-D Mix Productions, Kapolei - 12/5
  • Kehau Watson, Honolulu - 12/5
  • Joel Avendano, San Marcos, CA - 12/7
  • Anonymous, Honolulu - 12/7
  • Robert Wacker, Los Angeles, CA - 12/9
  • Rudy & Annette Keith, Albuquerque, NM - 12/10
  • Anonymous, San Jose, CA - 12/11
  • Tita Lika, Mesa, AZ - 12/11
  • Tutu Sue wishes her clients and friends a Mele Kalikimaka! - 12/16
    • Dr. Steve Wilhite, DDS, & Staff
    • Milici Valenti Ng Pack Advertising
    • Laird Christianson Advertising
    • 1013 Integrated
    • Kinetic Productions
    • Redhead Productions
    • Reel Services/Hawaii Inc.
    • Dr. Silke Vogelmann-Sine
    • Stafford Stuart
    • The Eustace/Uyehara Family
    • BWW Films
    • Kim Christianson
    • Moana Productions
    • Dr. Karen Tam
    • Lisa Zick-Mariteragi, N.P.
    • Krisha Fairchild
    • Connie Gayle
    • Honolulu Film Office
    • Montaj9
    • Tyler, Parker and Jake
    • Alicia Antonio
    • Midori Sudo
    • In memory of Carolyn Wun
  • Quijana Byrd, Hale'iwa - 12/17
  • Anonymous, Honolulu - 12/18
  • Sally Ford, Waianae - 12/19


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