JN CHEVROLET Saved Christmas Day!

Our Ford truck was broken. We had deliveries to do on our 14 Annual Christmas Day delivery around the island. The company I work for, JN CHEVROLET at 2999 N. Nimitz Blvd. came to the rescue!

We were blessed to use a 2019 Sliverado! We delivered on schedule to various parts of Oahu sharing the love of Christ Jesus!

Mahalo to Joe and Brad Nicolai of JN GROUP INC., Ron Wright, Jason Hattori, Braven Sager, and Anel Uno of JN Chevrolet!

Aloha It’s Been A Very Long Time!

I lost my password and took my time trying to get it and update this website. Oh. Well. Here I am. And there’s been so much since 2016.

I’ve posted on my Facebook page and at Hawaii Slippah Foundation Facebook Page also. Going forward, I will post here too.

I will be picking up four boxes of donations from Quicksilver tomorrow afternoon. I’ve already distributed to four elementary schools on the Leeward Coast: Nanaikapono,Leihoku,Nanakuli and Makaha.

Our Annual Mayor Wright Housing Christmas Distribution will be on December 19th at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday. In front of the Administration Bldg. It’s where it all began in 2005.

Mahalo to everyone who believes in our Ministry to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. As we have done since we started, we will go out on Christmas morn and go around Oahu to distribute “Slippahs” and whatever we have. We let them know they are not forgotten. We represent YOU! Mahalo and Happy Holidays to YOU and YOURS! God’s Blessing upon everyone!

Nanakuli Elementary


Receiving Slippahs and Markers are Principal Higa and Health Nurse Karisa of Nanikuli Elementary School. Next to Lynn is Mel Luna long time volunteer of Slippah foundation.

Living Life Foundation

Kehaulani Lum

Kehaulani Lum receiving Slippahs.

Mahalo Coast Guard Cutter Sherman!😁🇺🇸

Chellsey delivered the slippahs!


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