Certificate from House of Representatives









I want to express and acknowledge the following people who have been very important from the beginning and through the years helping me make The Hawaii Slippah Foundation what it is today. Blaine Fergerstrom, co-founder and webmaster, Trisha Kehaulani Watson-Sproat who made us a foundation, Tutu Sue Monahan Larkin, Members of HawaiiThreads.com where we started, our Officers, Ligaya Hartman and Pacipeco K. Dela Cerna. And the many Volunteers throughout the years. But most especially, to YOU our faithful friends, family and followers who donate to our cause. And pray for us so we can continue our ministry in serving those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Mahalo Hawaii State Representatives for this certificate. Mahalo Representative Karl Rhoades for supporting us from the start. And Mahalo to The StarBulletin, Honolulu Advertiser, Mid-Week and all who wrote about us. Mahalo and God bless Everyone! Auntie Alyn Vasquez https://www.slippah.org